Innovation Projects

The EIT Health Innovation Projects programme provides comprehensive support for innovations that show the potential to have a positive impact on healthcare. The most promising ideas are developed into commercially viable products through a multi-disciplinary approach, involving business, medicine, IT and other fields of knowledge.

EIT Health seeks to support projects aiming for rapid market penetration of innovative products and services, and/or the testing and deployment of novel organisational and healthcare systems' processes. We thus consider two different typologies of projects:

  • Market-facing Innovation Projects: Projects developing products and/or services that will generate immediate revenues when introduced in the market.
  • System and Organisational Innovation Projects: Projects that have the main purpose of achieving radical transformations in healthcare systems and organisations to improve patients' health outcomes (i.e. generating efficiencies or costs savings) but do not necessarily create products or marketable services. This transformation should be carefully planned and evidence-based, and should demonstrate a strong sustainability case once the funding period is over.
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