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Innovation Projects

EIT Health Innovation Projects focus on three specific challenges: promoting healthy living, supporting active ageing and improving healthcare.

The EIT Health Innovation Projects programme provides comprehensive support for innovations that show the potential to have a positive impact on healthcare. The most promising ideas are developed into commercially viable products through a multi-disciplinary approach, involving business, medicine, IT and other fields of knowledge.

EIT Health are wanting to support new projects that address at least one of the four following themes:

  • Prevention and management of chronic disease
  • Empowering citizens to manage their health
  • Improving healthcare systems
  • Leveraging new technology and data

Two categories of projects

The innovations supported can be broken down into two categories:

  • Innovation by Ideas - Innovation by Ideas projects are "solution driven", collaborative projects that respond to societal challenges within the thematic scope of EIT Health. These projects are supported with a maximum of €750 000 for no more than 18 months.
  • Innovation by Design - Innovation by Design projects are "needs driven" and build on multidisciplinary collaboration, starting from a recognised market need or societal problem. These projects are supported with a maximum of €2 750 000 for no more than 36 months.

New for the 2019 call

In the 2019 call EIT Health has added the Focus Area Innovation by Design projects. These closely resemble non-Focus Area projects in that they start from a recognised market need or societal problem. The Focus Areas seek to “zoom in” on these challenges and deliver increased impact by targeting multiple innovation projects as well as Campus and Accelerator activities with the same objectives.
EIT Health is looking to finance 3-5 Innovation by Design projects targeting each of the two Focus Areas Bringing Care Home - Innovations that will shift HC delivery from hospitals to primary care and home care settings and Value from Data in Clinical and Sub-Clinical Settings- Innovations that will bridge the gap between large data sets and clinical outcomes in chronic diseases.