Inspera training

The Unit for Teaching and Learning provides training for the Inspera digital examination system. This page describes both the online training in Swedish, and how to gain access to the system for those who do not speak Swedish.

About the training

The basic Inspera course and manual are available to those who need to quickly get started with Inspera assessemnt. The training is at this time only available in Swedish and is taught through both Canvas and the Inspera training environment.

In the course you will go through a series of practical moments which lead you step to both producing a working examination, and access KIs 'live' Inspera.

The course is built up using modules, starting with one which describes the implementation and information of the system as a whole. The remaining modules can be taken in a modular fashion and relate to specific roles in the system. You are free to pick and mix and modules as you wish to gain the roles in the system you need.

How do I register onto the course?

You can register on the Swedish registration page. It is also possible to access our pages as a manual.

Training for non-Swedish speakers

As it stands, the online course is only available in Swedish. That said, we do provide training in English. The training form will vary depending on your needs. It could be in the form of 'live' courses via Zoom for groups, or a series of individualised tutorials. Please contact us via our web form for more information.

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