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Internationalisation Strategy

In 2011 KI developed an overriding internationalisation strategy for the university. It focuses on goals and strategies for how our internationalisation work will contribute to the fulfilment of our vision and our challenges. This strategy consists of five strategic goals and three strategies. The strategic goals describe what is to be achieved, while the strategies indicate how this is to be achieved. The goals and strategies will then be broken down into action plans on the basis of needs within each field.

Strategy 1: Integrate an International Perspective Throughout the University

Further develop academic and administrative processes in order to support international collaboration, encourage international exchanges among employees and students at all levels; develop the platforms for integration between Swedish and foreign employees and students; provide information, both internally and externally, relating to ongoing internationalisation activities and their prerequisites; distribute information regarding funding opportunities for international cooperation.

Strategy 2: Develop Strategic Alliances

Are you planning to sign an international collaboration agreement at your department? Please get in touch with one of the international coordinators at the International Relations Unit if you have any questions.

Please consider including these international collaboration agreements in your department’s annual report.

Strategy 3: Strengthen Karolinska Institutet’s Brand Internationally

Direct our international work towards strategically chosen groups and geographic regions/markets; develop an international communication strategy in order to clarify what we stand for and offer; outline, develop and make use of international contacts, including alumni, so that they can become good ambassadors for our university; offer support to both employees and students who represent Karolinska Institutet; develop instruments to measure and follow up work relating to our international reputation.

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Please contact Sabina Bossi regarding larger international activities and news: and the KI news desk for other international activities


Do you want more information regarding the strategy, please contact

Internationell koordinator

Johanna Ackemar

Telefon: 08-524 867 89
Enhet: Avd. för Styrelsestöd och Externa relationer