Introduction to Mixed methods in health care science by Åsa Norman

Mixed methods, the combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, is an important methodology for capturing an overall picture in medical studies. In this seminar series, you will gain knowledge about how mixed methods can be used in various research studies and the opportunity to apply this to your study.

During the seminars, we will go through design, questions, selection, and how quantitative and qualitative data can be integrated based on mixed methods. The seminars begin with a theoretical overview, after which we will discuss the practical application of mixed methods in the various student projects. Of course, you can participate even if you do not have your own planned mixed methods study.



Seminar 1 November 9 at 13.00 - 16.00
Seminar 2 November 18 at 09.00 - 12.00


By e-mail to, with deadline October 21st.


The course will be given in Swedish or in English, depending of the group.


The seminar is held in Campus Flemingsberg.

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