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Karolinska University Hospital

The County Council’s focus on developing healthcare in Stockholm creates unique opportunities for care, research and education. The initiative has among other things meant a new operational model at Karolinska University Hospital, a modern hospital building in Solna and a new building for clinical research, Bioclinicum.

The new Karolinska University Hospital building in Solna opened for patients in autumn 2016 and is due to be completed during 2018. At the same time, infrastructure is being built in Huddinge for the interventions, operations and medical imaging of the future, a new building and conversions of neighbouring buildings that are estimated to be completed in 2019.

New operational model

The first phase of a new operational model has been completed at Karolinska University Hospital. The present clinics and visions are being rearranged into different themes that follow the patient’s path through healthcare, with dedicated support functions for each theme. KI is playing an active role in the implementation of the new model that is to be fully in place during 2018.

Karolinska University Hospital is a central part of one of the biggest ever initiatives in health and medical care in Stockholm. Karolinska University Hospital is to provide the most advanced health and medical care for the most seriously ill and the most severely injured and basic research, patient-focused clinical research and education.

Infrastructure for experimental, translational and epidemiological research

The new hospital complex in Solna largely consists of a care building but also an RD&E (research, development and education) cluster that among other things includes a research building, Bioclinicum, which is under construction alongside the new hospital. When the research building is completed in 2017 it is mainly the clinical research groups that will be moving onto the new premises.

KI is a the same time building a highly specialised research laboratory for the experimental research on KI’s Solna campus – Biomedicum – connected to the university hospital that is taking shape and Bioclinicum. The meetings are open to everyone who is interested in the question of education in collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital. Biomedicum is due to be completed during 2018.

The move to the new hospital building in Solna

2018 will see a great many removals to new locations in the Solna hospital area. The dates have now also been set for moving into the new hospital building in Solna during the autumn.

Dates for moving to the new hospital building in Solna (only in Swedish)

Contact persons

A group has been created for a short period of time when KI needs more hands working with Karolinska University Hospital. This group is not replacing the organization established by the ALF Agreement, only supporting it.

Ewa Ehrenborg, Vice-Dean for collaboration with Stockholm County Council (SLL) with special focus on education at Karolinska University Hospital

Annika Östman Wernerson, Dean of Education, Karolinska Institutet

Ylva Olsson, Project Manager, Karolinska Institutet

Jan Hillert, Director of RD&E, New Karolinska University Hospital

Agneta Månsson Broberg, Head of Education, Karolinska University Hospital

Kristina Gemzell Danielsson, Education Coordinator, RD&E Management Team, Karolinska University Hospital

Isabella Dombos, Project Manager, RD&E Management Team, Karolinska University Hospital