Karyon Mac

When you order a Mac computer, it will be connected to Karolinska Institutet's platform for computers. The platform is called Jamf and will enable the installation of standard software, printers and other tools on your computer. The installation is automatically launched when you connect your computer to the network. You will be able to install your programmes via Self Service. You will barely notice that the IT Office handles some of the basic and security features in the background.

What is included in the platform?


Logotype including the text "macOS".
Photo: Apple

Upon delivery, the new computer will have the latest version of OS X installed. You have the administrative rights of your computer. The IT Office handles mandatory settings such as security limitations, reliability and availability via Jamf.


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Photo: Jamf

The main component of the platform is Jamf. By installing it, standard software, printers and other tools you will need and that should be installed on all of Karolinska Institutet’s computers are accessed. Furthermore, the IT Office can control important security features such as hard drive encryption and the computer’s fire wall.

Jamf Connect

Logotype including the text "jamf connect".
Photo: Jamf Connect

The tool Jamf Connect allows your computer’s local account to synchronize with your KI-ID when you are connected to the network. Jamf Connect handles the change of password process differently than the previous system, consequently many of the issues Mac-users previously encountered in this process have now been solved.

Self Service

Logotype including the text "SelfService".
Photo: Self Service.

Software, applications and updates are installed via Self Service. When you order a programme license, you will be able to download and install the programme via Self Service. Furhtermore, there is a large selection of standard applications, so you will not need to download these separately. In Self Service you will find updates to next version of MacOS and tools to solve potential problems.


Logotype including the text "OneDrive"
Photo: Microsoft

The folders Desktop and Documents are connected to OneDrive. When you change computer it will be synchronized to you OneDrive account.

Security features

You have the administrative rights for your computer. Should your computer get stolen or break down, all your data will still there thanks to the synchronization to OneDrive.

In order to ensure information security to the fullest, certain security features are controlled by the IT Office:

  • Filevault – Encrypts the hardware and ensures that no unauthorised person can access the data in the event of loss.
  • Firewall – Prevents unauthorized network or internet connections.
  • Gatekeeper – Monitors and prevents the installation of software that is not controlled and approved by Apple or the IT Office.

You will hardly notice these underlying features. You can also install software that is not available in Self Service.

No detour via the IT Office when ordering

The platform is installed directly as you connect your computer to the network. An ordered computer will not need a stopover at the IT Office.

You can sign in directly with your Office 365 account and get started quickly, no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection.

Install your new Mac computer

When you receive your new Mac, or when your Mac has been reinstalled, you will need to set up your computer before you can use it.


If you have any questions regarding the new platform, please contact IT-support at KI