KI as a workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic

KI is following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. This means that employees who are able to work from home, with the approval of their immediate manager, should do so, if this is possible considering the nature of their duties. The purpose is to minimise the risk of transmission.

Working from home

Employees can work from home full-time or part-time depending on the nature of their duties and the conditions of the organisation. When working from home, the following applies:

The employee shall  

  • work in such location as stated to their immediate manager  
  • if necessary be able to report to the workplace on short notice (for example to update their work equipment or collect incoming mail)
  • be available via email and telephone during work hours 
  • regularly check in with their immediate manager, preferably digitally 
  • report absence and leave as holiday, sickness absence, or care for a sick child in the same manner as always 
  • notify their immediate manager in case of occupational problems.    

The immediate manager shall  

  • direct and divide the work through regular contact and check-ins with the employee, preferably digitally  
  • discuss with the employee and ensure that the employee has a satisfactory work environment at the temporary workplace (ergonomics, screen size etc.)  
  • remind the employee of the importance of breaks and doing ergonomic exercises, practicing preventive care etc. to limit the risk of repetitive strain injuries 
  • notice and report risks, incidents, and accidents  
  • ensure that the employee has the necessary equipment (Teams, Zoom etc.). 

Each employee is responsible for their duties, even when working from home. Working from home does not mean being barred from the workplace. It is a way of maintaining physical distance in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Working from regular workspace

If the employee does not have duties suitable to working from home or lacks the work equipment necessary to work from home, the employee shall work from their regular workspace. In such cases, actions shall be taken to prevent transmission. 

It is the employee’s responsibility to get to the workplace. This means that reasons such as wanting to avoid public transport are not valid grounds for not appearing at work. Contact your immediate manager if such a situation should arise. If it is possible to have flexible work hours, employees could avoid peak public transport hours.

The Head of Department or equivalent director of operations ultimately decides how the department shall approach workplace attendance. The immediate manager is responsible for operational capacity.

KI’s management and crisis management group are carefully monitoring the development and relays important new information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees and managers are encouraged to keep themselves up to date on a daily basis in order to receive instructions on how the work shall be organised and supervised to avoid transmission. 

For questions, first contact your immediate manager. For other questions, we refer to the information page on KI’s staff portal.