KI Impact Survey 2022

Impact is all about action, making things practical, visible and measurable. If we want to make a change, we first need to understand what KI employees think about impact, how it is created and how we can improve our support services.


The anonymous survey comprising of 15 questions was sent out to all researchers and educators at KI. 


The results will be presented on this webpage soon.

Why is it important?

Our goal is to:

  • ensure science outreach and continued relevance of KI to healthcare, life sciences and society
  • improve work environments and support systems
  • allow participation in social impact outside of the university

This work will benefit all KI employees in the form of either increased research funding, outreach, collaboration, career development or recruitment. The survey will also increase understanding of the scientists' role in society and recognise the benefits of their work.

Impact & innovation support at KI

Our team consists of qualified and motivated people from different divisions and units at KI.