KI South core facilities

Core facilities available at KI South campus

This is a list of equipment and facilities for research and education available at KI South.
There is also a total overview of KI core facilities.

Always get in touch with the contact person for an instrument or facility that you are interested in before attempting to use it.

Some instruments are for common use, others belong to a research group (private) but may be available for use at the owner’s discretion. It is generally required that you receive an introduction to any instrument before it is used. There may also be costs associated with the use of an instrument or facility.

ANA Futura Mass Spectrometry platform

ANA Futura, 8th floor
Mats Johansson, LabMed

ANA Futura Microscopy and Imaging analysis

ANA Futura 81212
Pernilla Lång, LabMed

ANA Futura X-ray facility

A laboratory for irradiation of biological material for the entire Flemingsberg campus
ANA Futura 31106

Adamantia Fragkopoulou, KBH

Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

A national genomic service facility
Neo, floor 6

Fredrik Fagerström-Billai, BioNut

ANA Futura BSL3 Core Facility

ANA Futura, floor 7
Annika Karlsson MedH/LabMed and Jagadeeswara Rao Muvva, MedH

Clinical Research Center (CRC)


Anthony Wright, LabMed

Developmental Tissue Bank


Erik Sundström, NVS


Lie Åslund, LabMed:

Electron microscopy unit EMil

Electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), including sample preparation
Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge

Lars Haag, LabMed


The Unit for Morphological Phenotype Analysis (FENO)
specialized in the pathology of genetically engineered mice

Raoul Kuiper, LabMed

Karolinska Cell Therapy Center and Vecura

KCC supports and facilitates for researchers, clinicians and industrial companies that aim to develop quality assured Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and cell therapy products for unmet clinical needs.
Novum floor 3

Pontus Blomberg, LabMed:


Karolinska Institutet Stem Cell Organoid

José Inzunza, BioNut

Live Cell Imaging Core Facility (LCI)

Advanced light microscopy and image analysis
Neo, floor 7
Sylvie Le Guyader, BioNut:

MedH Flow cytometry facility

Provides KI and Karolinska University Hospital researchers opportunity for assisted and non-assisted flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting

Neo, floor 7

Francesca Grasso and Belinda Pannagel, HERM/MedH

Mutation Analysis Core Facility (MAF)

Help scientists at Karolinska Institutet, its associated hospitals, and other academic institutions to perform genetic, epigenetic and genetic-epidemiological research in order to identify and assess genetic factors involved in different disease processes

Novum, floor 5

Kristina Duvefelt, BioNut

Pre-GMP facility

A laboratory for method development, upscaling and validation in GMP production.
ANA Futura, floor 7

Anna Pasetto, LabMed:

Single Cell Core Facility (SICOF)

Facilitate the use of single cell/nuclei sequencing technologies for all researchers at KI South
Neo floor 7, room Room 7333

Michael Vanlandewijck, MedH:

Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE)

Facilitate the evaluation of medical digital images, irrespective of source
K Huddinge, Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine C2-76

Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg, CLINTEC

SÖS Research Center

Support for secure data management, handling of samples, research laboratories for experimental projects, Statistics, Biobank
Stockholm South General Hospital, floor 5

Fuad Bahram, KI SÖS:


Biobehavioural and human movement sciences
ANA 23, floor 3

David Moulaee Conradsson, NVS:

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