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KIPA events

Find here a short description of both the professional and social events of KIPA

28 November 2019: KI Postdoc Association General Annual Meeting 2019

KIPA General Annual Meeting Photo: KIPA

KIPA will hold its General Annual Meeting from 17.30-18.45 on Thursday 28th November 2019 in Biomedicum 1 - please put it in your diaries.

17.30-18.15: "Ask KI"

A Q&A session will precede the meeting itself, where attendees will have the chance to discuss training, professional development and career planning with members of KI leadership.

18.15-18.45: General Annual Meeting

The meeting will highlight KIPA's activities in 2019 and briefly discuss plans for 2020.
This will include presentations from candidates for KIPA's 2020 executive board and all postdocs are herein invited to apply for positions within the board (see below).

18.45-onwards: Celebration

After the event, pizza, beer and other snacks/drinks will be served.

Please fill in this survey to indicate whether you wish to attend the meeting, and also if you would like to apply for a position within KIPA.

Additionally, proposed amendments for KIPA's constitution can be found here, which will be formally voted on after the General Annual Meeting.

21 October 2019: Career Inside Academia: Postdoc to PI, How to make the leap

Inside Academia Event
Careers Inside Academia Event 2019

The KIPA annual event “Careers Inside Academia: “Postdoc to PI-How to make the leap” will be held on October 21st, from 14:00 to 19:30 at Biomedicum, Solna campus. The program is divided into three parts:

PART I (14:00-15:30, free access)

Overview to Swedish academic career structure with Prof. Lucie Laflamme (Deputy-Chairperson KI recruitment committee)

Panel discussion with speakers involved in the Recruitment Committees at KI (Prof. Maria Eriksson), Stockholm University (Prof. Ylva Engström), and Uppsala University (Prof. Peter Hansell). This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss the recruitment process and professional requirements of faculty positions (from tenure track positions to professors), and how the new Ordinance of Higher Education (SFS 2017:844) is changing the postdoctoral training and employment.

PART II (15:45-18:30, registration is mandatory). Click here for registration

Round table sessions with emerging principal investigators at KI, Stockholm University, Uppsala University and KTH. They will share their experiences, advice and thoughts on building a career inside academia in two 45-minute small group discussions. This is a great opportunity to ask specific questions about their career strategy.  

PART III (18:30-19:30)

Mingle with panellists, emerging PIs and other participants.

The panellists’ and speakers’ biographies can be found here.

This event was supported by KI Career Service & Junior Faculties!

Previous Professional Events 2018-2019

28 May 2019: Careers Outside Academia

KIPAs annual event "Careers outside of academia"

Speakers were divided in 2 categories:

  • Connecting science & society
  • Research and management in the private sector

The speakers biographies in both categories can be found here.

This event was supported by KI Alumni and KI Career service!


17 May 2019: Nature editorial talk

Speaker: Dr Christine-Maria Horejs, Associate Editor of Nature Reviews Materials, Nature Research


  • 12:00-13:00: “Publishing in Nature”, Biomedicum 3/A0325 (open to everybody). This will be an informal interactive talk about how to write an outstanding manuscript (as well as what not to do), how an editor assesses manuscripts, and how they select and handle peer-reviewers.
  • 15:00-16:00 “Career Paths towards Journal Editorial Work”, Biomedicum 3/A0325 (open to PhDs and postdocs). Junior researchers will have the opportunity to learn what experience and steps are required to transition to working in a journal editorial role.

This event was supported by KI Career service and KI Junior Faculty.


29 Nov 2018: Union Seminar Hosted by SULF and Naturvetarna & KIPA General Annual Meeting

Unions SULF (Sveriges universitetslärare och forskare) and Naturvetarna joined forces with KIPA in November 2018 for an exciting two-part event at Biomedicum on the Solna campus.

Both unions started by discussing postdoc working rights in Sweden, addressing topics like differences between a salary and a stipend, health, social welfare and unemployment. In the second half, KIPA hosted its General Annual Meeting and recapped events and progress made in 2018, before introducing the new candidates for the board of 2019. The event was finished with one of life’s great equations: beer plus pizza.

11 Oct 2018: Careers inside academia. How do postdocs make the leap?

This event was designed to give postdocs insight into the expectations and requirements needed in order to take the next step in their careers. The event took place in Andreas Vesalius Lecture Theatre (Solna Campus) and consisted of three parts:

17:00 – 18:00 Panel discussion

A panel discussion of speakers involved in the recruitment and funding of junior scientists and researchers, including Prof. Jan-Ingvar Jönsson (Secretary General for Medicine and Health, Swedish Research Council/Vetenskapsrådet), will give an overview of what key features they look for. We will also discuss how the new Ordinance of Higher Education (SFS 2017:844) is changing the postdoctoral training and employment.

18:10 – 19:45 Round table sessions

Round table sessions with principal investigators who have been trained at or outside KI and staff scientists who will share their experiences, advice and thoughts on building a career inside academia in two 45-minute small group discussions. This is your opportunity to ask specific questions about their strategy in getting ready to ‘make the leap’.

19:45 – 21:00 Social Mingle

A social mingle with refreshments where you will have the opportunity to network in an informal setting.

The event was open to all researchers at KI (priority given to postdocs and junior faculty). The event was co-organized by KIPA with KI Junior Faculty and sponsored by eLife and Karolinska Institutet.

25-27 Sep 2018: Workshop on presentation skills for postdocs

In September 2018, Nina Jensen of KIPA and the KI Career Service ran a workshop on improving presentation skills through the excellent Kai Vornberger and Martha Winata of ‘Get Sandwich Speaking’. Postdocs were shown how to create and deliver an engaging, clear and memorable presentation. As good presentations skills are rare, valuable and highly transferable, the goal of this workshop was to teach key techniques for creating and delivering a presentation that can be understood, remembered, and enjoyed by non-experts.

The workshop was split into two parts: a theory and a hands-on session. Both sessions will include content creation and delivery.

30 May 2018: Careers Outside Academia

Are you wondering what to do after postdoctoral training? Are you considering changing career path? Are you wondering what skills are required to make this change? If you are, join our roundtable discussions with professionals who made the change into a broad variety of fields. They are all eager to share their experience with you!
KIPAs yearly ‘Careers Outside Academia’ event is aimed at helping postdocs prepare themselves for the next step in their careers. It will take place on May 30th at 17:00 in Medicinska Föreningen Aula

We will have informal roundtable discussions in small groups—it will be interactive, and you will get the chance to ask all the questions you want!

At the roundtables, you will find professionals with previous research experience who are now working outside academia.
This event is an opportunity for you identify potential future career paths and to determine what skills you need to secure your dream job.

We are delighted to have the following speakers at our roundtables:

Aligned with academia

Patrick Blomquist, KI Innovation, Project Manager.
Björn Kull, Head of Grants Office at Karolinska Institutet.
Eva Bjur, KI Grants Office, Administrative Officier.
Amelie Plymoth, KI Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Lecturer/Researcher.

Away from the lab

Sara Borniquel, Nordic BioSite, Sales Representative - Molecular Biology.
Nils Ekstrom, IQVIA, Senior Consultant – Real World Evidence.
Emma Wiltshire, European Centre for Disease prevention and control (ECDC), Expert Public Health Preparedness.
Federica Santoro, Uppsala Monitoring Center, Communications Officer.
Lorenza Capantini, PCG Solutions, Customer Success Manager & Product Specialist
Mats Rosenlund, IQVIA, Senior Principal and Scientific Director.
Eleni Kopsida, IQVIA, Business Analyst - Real World Evidence.

Research & Management in the private sector

Anna De Geer, Pfizer, Health Economics Manager at Pfizer.
Hovsep Mahdessian, Bayer, Scientific Advisor (MSL), Cardiovascular.
Mira Ernkvist, Roche, Country Medical Lead.
Domenico Palumbieri, Pharem Biotech AB, Chief of Laboratory.
Vanessa Caldeira, Bactiguard AB, Technical Product Manager.
Marijke Sachweh, Cobra Biologics, Senior Scientist.

Previous Social Events 2018-2019

22 March 2019: KIPA After Work

The first KIPA After Work of 2019 in Biomedicum. Representatives from Woman in Science and KICC were present so that people could learn more about their work and how to get involved.

21 Sep 2018: KIPA After Work

An awesome apéritif with drinks, cheeses, pasta and nachos. Held in NEO Lunch Room, Blickagången 16, Campus Flemingsberg.

8 Jun 2018: KIPA After Work

An awesome apéritif with drinks, cheeses, pasta and nachos. Held Center for Molecular Medicine, Campus Solna.

9 Mar 2018: KIPA After Work

The first KIPA After Work: an awesome apéritif with drinks, cheeses, pasta and nachos. Held in Neuroscience department in Campus Solna.

KIPA Events in previous years


KIPA general annual meeting (Dec 5, 2017)

Inside academia professional development event. From postdoc to PI. How to make the leap? (Nov 2, 2017)

'Glitter and Glam' KIPA party (Sept 22, 2017).

Outside acedemia professional development event (May 31, 2017).

Seminar series on leadership and project management inside and outside academia - Round table discussions (Febr - May 2017).


KIPA annual meeting 2016 (Nov 24, 2016)

Professional development event “From postdoc to PI. How to make the leap?”, in collaboration with Junior Faculty (Oct 18, 2016).

'The summer is not over' KI postdoc party (Sept 23, 2016).

Career options after postdoctoral training - Round table discussions and social mingle with former postdocs (May 26, 2016).


Seminar Leadership in Academia 2015 event, associated with the KIPA General Annual Meeting and Best PI at KI Award Ceremony (Nov 19, 2015)