KIPRIME podcast episode 1 - a brief history

In this first episode of the KIPRIME podcast, host Alina Jenkins guides us through the origins of the prize and the passion and commitment which made it happen.

We’ll hear about the founders, Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg, their love of art and philanthropy as well as interviews with the president of their foundation, members of the prize committee and a previous winner.

The journey takes us from the 1950’s Stockholm art scene through to the most recent and cutting-edge developments in research for medical education. 


Professor Jörgen Larsson, President Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg Foundation: Sari Ponzer, Chair of the KIPRIME Prize Committee: Annika Wernersson-Östman, Academic Vice President Karolinska Institutet and Brian Hodges, KIPRIME Awardee 2016 and member of the Prize Committee.

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The KIPRIME podcast

The Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education (KIPRIME) is a major international award and was created to recognise and stimulate high-quality research in the field. In this podcast series we’ll explore the origins of the KIPRIME and discover the passion and commitment of the people who made it happen. 

Host for the series is Alina Jenkins, a BBC presenter and journalist since 2001 with an extensive background in communicating science.