KIPRIME podcast episode 13 - Ming-Jung Ho

Medical professionalism across cultures – an interview with Dr Ming Jung-Ho.

Ming-Jung Ho, KIPRIME Fellows. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

A native of Taiwan, Dr Ming Jung-Ho received an undergraduate degree in Biological Anthropology at Harvard, a medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in Social Anthropology at Oxford University in the UK. 

She is currently Associate Director at the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education at Georgetown University and Director of Education Research at MedStar Health. 

Dr Ho has spent the last 12 years studying medical professionalism across cultures.  As an anthropologist, her work addresses the problem that dominant Western standards and practices of medical education are often exported/imported to the rest of the world without consideration of local cultural contexts. 

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The KIPRIME podcast

The Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education (KIPRIME) is a major international award and was created to recognise and stimulate high-quality research in the field. In this podcast series we’ll explore the origins of the KIPRIME and discover the passion and commitment of the people who made it happen. 

Host for the series is Alina Jenkins, a BBC presenter and journalist since 2001 with an extensive background in communicating science.