KIPRIME podcast episode 5 - Dr. Glenn Regehr

Conceptualizing methodology and its relationship to theory - an interview with Dr. Glenn Regehr, KIPRIME winner 2020.

Portrait av Glenn Regehr.
Dr. Glenn Regehr. Photo: Press image from UBC

Since 2009, Dr Glenn Regehr has been at the University of British Columbia (UBC) as Senior Scientist and Associate Director of Research at the Centre for Health Educa­tion Scholarship (CHES) and Professor (Department of Surgery). He also holds a cross-appointment with the UBC Faculty of Education. 

Glenn's main research impact has been in conceptualizing methodology and its relationship to theory, a groundwork for significant research activity. He has introduced a variety of methodological innovations, drawing heavily on work done outside of the health professions.

Glenn has contributed immensely to a broader academic understanding of medical education and his work has improved the educational and scholarly practices in health professions education globally. 
In this interview we talk about his extensive research and what it means to have won the prize. 

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The KIPRIME podcast

The Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education (KIPRIME) is a major international award and was created to recognise and stimulate high-quality research in the field. In this podcast series we’ll explore the origins of the KIPRIME and discover the passion and commitment of the people who made it happen. 

Host for the series is Alina Jenkins, a BBC presenter and journalist since 2001 with an extensive background in communicating science. 

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