KI´s Laboratory safety test

As a new employee at one of KI´s departments, but also for existing staff, you are offered a basic laboratory safety test, in order to be able to work in a safe and secure manner in the laboratory environment. It is important that all staff knows and follows the safety routines within KI.

For those who wants to learn more, several courses on work environment and laboratory safety are provided by KI: Courses by the Environment, Safety- and Security unit.

There are two introductory tests available; one with general questions about safety/work environment that is relevant to everyone who will work at a department at KI, and one test for those who are also laboratory personnel, which includes 5 additional sections with questions on laboratory safety.

Test for administrative staff

This test contains 1 section
Section 1: Work environment

The test takes about 20 minutes.

Test for laboratory staff

This test contains 6 sections
Section 1: Work environment (this section is the same as for administrative staff)
Section 2: Rules and Responsibilities
Section 3: Laboratory Safety
Section 4: Chemical Safety
Section 5: Biosafety
Section 6: Laboratory waste

The test takes about 60 minutes. Each section contains between 4 and 9 questions, usually multiple-choice questions.


Please follow the instructions below to get started.

1. Sign up for the introduction test

If you are employee, research student, affiliate, or registered student at KI
You sign up for the introduction test yourself by clicking on the test below that is relevant for you: 
Test for administrative personnel
Test for laboratory personnel
Log in to Canvas with your KI-ID or Student-ID. 

If you are an external user
If you don’t have a KI-ID or Student-ID, you need to get an account in Canvas first. Please contact your local HR department for more information. Once you have received the details of your account, and finished the setup of the account, you can self-register to the test via the links (you use the same links as above). 

Please, check your name and email address in Canvas (go to Account and Settings). If they are incorrect, please contact IKT-pedagogerna ( Use subject Account error.

More information about how to order an external account in Canvas, by HR departments, see under Documents.

Prins screen login Canvas

2. Log in to Canvas

Log in to Canvas. Log in as student/staff
(Student-ID/KI-ID), or external user.

Print screen register in Canvas

3. Click “Register to the course” in the top right corner.

Print screen instruction Canvas

4. You have now self-enrolled to the course.

Click “Go to course” in the top right corner.

Print screen to start the test in Canvas

5. You are now on the first page of the Introduction test.

Read through the instructions. When you are ready, click “START THE TEST” at the bottom of the page to start the test. 

Print screen of subit quiz in Canvas

6. You will be prompted to submit the test by the end of each section.

Click “Submit Quiz” in the bottom right corner.

7. You will directly get feedback if you passed the section or not.

You can go through the section to see which answers (if any) that were not correct. You have to pass one section to be able to continue to the next one. You can redo the test as many times as needed.

Print screen on how to click next in Canvas

8. You can start another attempt or
proceed to the next section by
clicking the “Previous” or “Next” in
the bottom right corner.

Print screen on how to pause the test in Canvas

9. It is possible to pause the test and continue later, but you must finish a whole section before you can pause. 

To continue where you left off, click on the course on the start page of Canvas, and then click on “modules” in the list to the left and choose the section you are to continue with.

10. When you have passed all sections, you will get a “Finished! Congratulations!” message.

A certificate will be sent to your email address as a PDF-file. Please forward this certificate to your HR department.


If you have completed all the questions correctly you will receive a certificate to your registered email. Forward this certificate to your HR department upon request.

Technical preferences

This test works best on a computer or a tablet/Ipad. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Canvas does not work with Internet Explorer.

Do you need technical help with Canvas?


If you have any questions contact