KI’s Pedagogical Project Funding

The Committee for Higher Education yearly announces funding for pedagogically oriented development projects.

Announcement 2023

The application period begins on 1 January 2022 and fully completed application forms must be sent in through the electronic application system no later than 4:00 p.m. on 15 March 2022.

A decision on the allocation of funding will be made by the Committee for Higher Education in September/October 2022.

Granted funding will be available in January 2023. 

More information and application

Granted applications 2022

Title: A learner-centred approach for incorporating virtual reality tools in the undergraduate curricula for dental and oral health students in Sweden, Belgium and New Zealand
Contact: Nagihan Bostanci

Title: Digital färdighetsträning för att öka läkarstudenters kliniska och professionella kompetens att genomföra suicidriskbedömning av barn och ungdomar.
Contact: Eva Serlachius

Title: Fit for purpose- implementing safe and respectful maternity care in midwifery education and practice.
Contact: Emilija Wilson

Title: Virtuella patienter i socialrobotisk plattform: hur tillvarata artificiell intelligens för att stärka interprofessionellt lärande inom vårdutbildningar
Contact: Ioannis Parodis

Philip Malmgren

Administrative officer