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Laboratory safety test ANA Futura

In order to further improve the safety in our laboratory environment, everyone who will be working at in ANA Futura will have to pass a Laboratory safety test. The test is available from October, 2018.

Passing the test is a requirement for activating your ANA Futura Access cards.

The test is divided into 6 sections. The first section contains general information and is mandatory for everyone that will work in or visit ANA Futura.

Sections 2-6 are mandatory for everyone who will work in or visit laboratories in ANA Futura.

Each section contains between 4 to 8 questions, mostly multiple choice.

You will be prompted to Submit the test by the end of each section.

You will directly get feedback if you passed the section or not, and can go through the section to see which answers (if any) you didn’t get right.
You can then start another attempt or proceed to the next section.

You will have the possibility to pause the test and continue later on. You will then be prompted to continue where you left off. The test takes approximately one hour.

Good luck!


Please follow the instructions below to get started.

Go to

Choose Ping Pong from the drop-down menu in Digital Tools.

Choose ping pong in the drop down menu on staff portal

Choose Karolinska Institutet as your Identity Provider.

screen shot of how to log in to ping pong

Log in with your KI-ID.

If you don´t have a KI-ID or Student-ID, you need to be added to PingpPong manually. Please contact your local HR for more information.

In the top menu, select Events and My Events.

Search for Laboratory Safety Test in the search field or in the list of current events and click on the event.

screen shot of how current events in ping pong to find Laboratory safety test

You are now on the first page of the Laboratory Safety Introduction Test, and almost set to go.

Click on 'Start the test' button at the bottom of the page and read through the instructions.

introductory page of lab safety test in ping pong

Please note that to proceed within a section, you can either use the "Previous page" / "Next page" links at the bottom right corner of each question/page.

Previous next buttons on the bottom right of page in Lab safety test

When you have completed and passed a section, proceed to the next section either by clicking the “Previous” / “Next” links in the top menu of the page, or by selecting the next section in the left side menu.

Previous and next sections top and left menu laboratory safety test

Once you have answered all the questions of the first section correctly, you will reach the Crossroads page where you will have the possibility to either download a certificate if you are non-lab staff or proceed with the remaining sections 2 to 6 if you are lab staff.

Certificate page after completion of section 1 laboratory safety test

Description of remaining sections (for lab staff)

Section 2: Rules and Responsibilities

This section covers the different responsibilities and rules that are necessary knowledge for anyone working in a KI laboratory.

Section 3: Risk Assessments in the Laboratory

A risk assessment is the primary method for you and your colleagues to carefully plan all kinds of experiments, step by step, to identify and eliminate risks in your work. It should be considered an ongoing process of continual improvement and is intended to keep safety issues central to your laboratory work.

Section 4: Good Laboratory Manners

Good laboratory manners are fundamental for a safe laboratory environment. Cleanliness and established procedures will reduce the risks in the laboratory, and also be beneficial for reproducibility and cost efficiency.

Section 5: Handling of Chemicals

Karolinska Institutet has thousands of different chemicals in our premises. Several of these are considered to be of high risk.

Working with chemicals requires knowledge about handling, storage, labelling, protective equipment, waste management and what to do in case of a spill or an accident.

Section 6: Biosafety

Biosafety is the protection of people and environment from exposure to contagious biological material in the laboratory. It is part of the laboratory safety work and covers infectious agents, genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs), blood and human samples, as well as cell cultures.

By the end of each section you will be prompted to Submit the test.


If you have completed all the questions correctly in all sections you will be able to download your certificate.