Linneaus-Palme collaboration with Ethiopia off to a great start

Bahir Dar University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences and Karolinska Institutet are partners in a student and teacher exchange programme with emphasis on medical education supported by the Linnaeus-Palme Programme financed by Swedish Sida.

Teacher exchange from Bahir Dar Ethiopia
Dr Enyew Abade, Academic coordinator Dr Liyew Desta and Dr Tefaye Taye Gelaw Photo: N/A

The collaboration was initiated by Dr Liyew Desta, cardiologist with roots in Bahir Dar and teacher in the Study Programme in Medicine but has been on hold for two years due to the pandemic.

Dr Enyew Abate, gynaecologist and Dr Tefaye Taye Gelaw, paediatrician, recently visited KI and the study programme in Medicine for two weeks as the first teachers to come on exchange within the programme.

Participated in courses in semester 10

Dr Aida Wahlgren, chair of the international committee for the study programme in Medicine and responsible for semester 10 had together with Dr Sonia Andersson arranged for the visitors to participate in their teaching activities and visiting clinical wards. Together with Dr Desta they both visited Huddinge University Hospital and thanks to Dr Stefan Eriksson they were able to get a guided tour of Biomedicum which was very much appreciated as their own university recently has built a building for a similar purpose.

Both teachers got opportunities to discuss teaching methods and their own specialities related to the situation in Sweden and in Ethiopia with colleagues and students, which was much appreciated and gave new insights on both sides.

I discussed with students about forceps assisted instrumental deliveries and major causes of maternal mortality in my country.

Dr Enyew Abate

The importance of communication in health care

Dr Taye got the opportunity to participate in a communications training for medicine and nursing students and he reflected on the importance of communications training for students at KI.

Breaking bad news is a real time challenge for all health care providers throughout their entire professional life. It is more challenging for a new graduate. Just training them in skill labs will help students on understanding on how to approach such difficult situations.

Dr Tesfaye Taye

When asked what has made the greatest impression during the visit, Dr Abade answered that his greatest impression was the style and process of the teaching methodology with interactive sessions.

Looking ahead

KI will welcome the first Medicine students from Bahir Dar later this Spring and hopefully the teacher exchange from KI to Bahir Dar will be carried out in the Spring 2023.

Both partners are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration, that now after two years of almost stand still has come off to great start!

Content reviewer:
Emma Hägg