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Local safety representatives at LIME

The main task of the safety representative is to monitor protection against illness and accidents at work, and to ensure that the employer is in compliance with the Swedish Work Environment Act’s requirements for systematic work environment measures.

The local safety representatives represent employees in working environement and safety related issues. The representatives will, among other things, work for a good work environment within its area of protection as well as report shortcomings in the work environment to the employer.

You can always contact the safety representatives at your department to discuss your work environment and safety or any issue related thereto. The content of any such discussion shall remain confidential.

The safety representatives are members of the work environment group at LIME.

Local Safety Representatives 2020-2022

Erik Attoff

Local safety representative within LIME, IT technician

Elisabet Lindgren

Local safety representative within LIME, Educational administrator

Support for students at the department

The student ombudsperson and the doctoral students' ombudsperson are employed by the student unions. You can turn to them with matters relating to you as a student, such as if you feel unfairly treated by someone at KI or have problems in your dealings with other students or members of staff.

The doctoral student representatives are appointed to represent all doctoral students at the department. They represent you as a doctoral student in the department council and the working environmental group.