Manual - VPN for Mac

When working remotely, you can connect via our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access KI’s private network and internal resources – such as, shared folders on a file server (public folders). Read more about how to set up the VPN on your Mac.

Activate two-step verification

To be able to connect to VPN you need set up two-step verification.

Install the VPN client

Cisco AnyConnect is already installed on migrated computers.

If it is not installed on your computer, download the client to your computer. Log in with your KI ID and password.

Start VPN

To connect to the client, open Cisco AnyConnect on your computer. 


If the field is empty, enter Click on "Connect".

Login window with fields group, username, password and buttons ok and cancel

Choose "MSAuthenticator" in the drop-down menu.

Log in with your KI ID and password. 

Verify yourself with your chosen method.

You are connected to to with Cisco.

Connected to

If everything went as intended, you should now be connected and able to reach KI resources from outside KI.


Please contact IT-support if you experience any issues with connecting to VPN.