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Manual - VPN for Mac

When working remotely, you can connect via our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access KI’s private network and internal resources – such as, shared folders on a file server (public folders). Read more about how to set up the VPN on your Mac.

Installing the VPN client

If VPN is not already installed on your computer, download the client to your computer. Log in with your KI ID and password.

Enter your mobile telephone number for PointSharp in IDAC

Contact the IT Support at

Starting VPN

Double-click Cisco AnyConnect to start the VPN.

Problems with the connection

If the VPN client does not connect, check that the following address is specified:

Then click on Connect. If the address is not already specified, enter it manually.

You log in with your KI login (same as for your e-mail account).

Two factor authentication

Once you have logged in according with your KI ID, you will be asked to enter the one-time code.


Two factor authentication – installation and activation

The first time you log in to the VPN, a message is sent to you, either as text or e-mail.

Activation via text message

Click on the link you received via the text message to download the PointSharp App in iStore or Google Play.

Example of text message:

Start the app and enter the activation code you received via text.

Activation via E-mail

If you have not entered your phone number in KIMKAT, you will receive the download link and activation code as an e-mail. Open the e-mail message in your smartphone. Download the PointSharp App via the link in the e-mail.

Example of e-mail:

From: KI Secure Login Service []
Sent: 29 September 2016 – 14:55
To: Your name<>
Subject: KI Secure Login Service notification
Priority: High
Download the app from The activation code is: 71XXXXXX
Download the client from Activation code: 71XXXXXX

Start the app and enter the activation code you received in the e-mail.

Note: Each code that PointSharp generates is time-limited. Downloading, installing and activating the app may take longer than the code is active, which may make your first attempt to fail. Restart the login with your username and password, and then click the update symbol in the PointSharp App to get a new login code.

Consecutive usage

In the future, you will need to start PointSharp every time you log in to the VPN, after you have identified yourself with your username and password.

Enter the code that the app generates in the VPN client.

Once you have entered the correct login code, you should be connected. Here’s how it looks when you’re connected:


If you have any questions or problems regarding VPN, please contact the IT support.