MAXIV new possibilities for breakthrough research

Welcome to "MAXIV new possibilities for breakthrough research" an online event starting 09:00 on 27 November 2020. The unique properties of MAXIV beamlines enable novel imaging opportunities of biological material such as cells, organs, bone and tissue. Our Acting Vice President of KI Anders Gustafsson will inaugurate and announce a local grant for KI researchers bringing MAXIV closer to medical research programs at KI.

MAX IV Light Source in Lund Foto: N/A

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MAXIV status 2020

Today the unique brightness, coherence and power of the MAXIV beamlines is attracting a lot of talent from other synchrotron light sources around the world. The quality of the X-rays generated at MAX IV enable novel imaging opportunities of soft tissue with medical applications and Karolinska Institutet will announce a few startup grants to initiate new research projects between KI scientists and MAXIV scientists using MAXIV beam lines.  

The 2019 MAXIV User Meeting demonstrated how talented scientists decided to move their experiments to Swedish MAXIV, resulting in competence and young ambition flowing into our small country. Please enjoy the videos below where climate researcher Nønne Prisle explaining how surface properties of single particles in the air may affect cloud formation and climate i.e. from single particles to weather systems and recent MAXIV Science highlights summarized by MAXIV director Ian McNulty.

The 2020 MAXIV User Meeting was a digital event where short video presentations on existing NanoMAXSoftiMAXBioMAX, and upcoming MicroMAX beamlines was released.

MedMAX a future beamline for medical imaging at MAXIV

Karolinska Institutet is a medical University and since the discovery of the X-rays by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895, medical imaging has led to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions across the world.  Using MAXIV unique coherence, we have an opportunity to build an instrument beamline that reveal living matter in unprecedented detail exploring the small phase shift generated when X-rays explores different electron densities of a "living" sample.  The planning for an imaging beamline has been made, the storage ring is available, however the final funding decision is lacking to build an imaging beamline for medical research MedMAX.  We want to create scientific momentum in support of an imaging beamline for life science and medical research at MAXIV.

Nønne Prisle (University of Oulu) from single particle surfaces to weather and climate

Ian McNulty (MAXIV director) science highligths 2019

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