New manager at KI

Congratulations to your new role!

As a manager, you will face many different situations and responsibilities. The basis for a sustainable and efficient manager is to understand the managerial assignment, the leadership required and the organisation. The purpose of this program is to make you feel comfortable in your new role and your future career as a manager.


Program structure

The course consists of 8 modules which are taught twice a year, Swedish during the autumn and English in the spring. The course is taught one day a week, over five weeks. Digital preparation material for each module can be found in the education portal for New as a manager at KI. On the education portal, participants can also download the calendar invitation and see the detailed agenda for each day. 

The pedagogical approach for the program is a ‘flipped classroom’ approach, all modules have digital preparation material and exercises that can be found in the education portal. Here you will find information about the different modules, course material and exercises. Each digital module is followed by a mandatory physical meeting or webinar. The training session is based on the course material found online with an added deepened knowledge, focusing on cases discussions, and the dilemmas faced by course participants. 

Please note: To pass the course, all participants must take part of the study material ahead of respective modules.

Program goal

To provide new managers at KI a deeper understanding of the organisation and its context as well as their managerial assignment and the role as leaders.  

Key dates and modules

Spring 2024
Note that the hours might be subject to change. 

DAY ONE - Campus Solna, Retzius väg 13, 2nd floor, Room: 201 
Tuesday 12th of March at 08.30 - 15.30. We ask you to register using this link so that there is enough space and coffee for all participants: Registration for New as manager - Day 1

Module 1 Introduction to leadership at KI

Wednesday 20th of March at 08.30 - 15.30

Module 2. Working in a public organisation

Module 6.1 Recruitment and employer branding

Module 6.2 Communication & branding

Wednesday 27th of March at 08.30 - 15.30

Module 7. Employment conditions & the role as employer

Module 8:2 Secondary occupations

Friday 5th of April at 08.30 - 15.30

Module 4. Economics

Module 5. Purchase & public procurement

DAY FIVE - Campus Solna, Solnavägen 9 (Biomedicum), 3rd floor, Room: Nils Ringertz
Monday 8th of April at 08.30 - 15.30. We ask you to register using this link so that there is enough space and coffee for all participants: Registration for New as manager - Day 5

Module 3. Integration of equality, equal terms & discrimination

Module 8:1 Research Support

Grand Finale (Networking)


You are more than welcome to contact us for questions! 

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