Performance management dialogue 1 at KI

Managers at KI are now offered a course in performance management dialogue 1. This session will be held in English and is open for managers who wish to increase their understanding and skills in conducting performance management dialogue 1 at KI.

Target group

Managers and/or leaders who are conducting performance management dialogues at KI.

About the course

Performance management dialogues are mandatory in KI´s process of following up and ensuring the quality of the organization and results on an individual level.

This course focuses on the first dialogue that is conducted during the first quarter each year. In this conversation, managers and employees discuss goals, assignments, expectations and development. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises with actors, the course participants develop an understanding for, and skills in conducting, performance management dialogue 1 at KI.

The course is covering

  • What is performance management dialogue 1 at KI and why is it held?
  • How does the process look like and what is your role as manager?
  • What different parts are included in the dialogue? 
  • Practical exercises with actors
  • Tools & support for managers at KI

You will receive digital course material approx. 1.5 weeks before the webinar. During the webinar, you will practice to conduct the dialogue with actors. 

The course will be held online via Zoom. 

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