Ongoing projects at the IT Office

Coordinated IT operations, Windows 10 as well as the networks are some of the major projects the IT Office is working with.

Coordinated IT operations

The Coordinated IT operations project will introduce sweeping changes to central IT management at KI in order to give more active support to its core businesses by offering simpler IT operations and IT environmental stability. The deliveries are basic infrastructural services (storage, client management, network, etc.).

More about Coordinated IT Operations

Enhancing data storage at KI

During the autumn term of 2020, a project to simplify and improve data storage at Karolinska Institutet was initiated. Among the biggest changes are the phase-out of the services KI Box, KI Cloud and the home directory H:, as well as re-modelling of the shared data storage G:.

The overall goal for the data storage project is competitive and secure storage with improved collaboration and sharing features for both colleagues and external users.

Project manager: Ola Danielsson. About the project Enhancing data storage at KI.

Evaluation of KI’s current system management model

The project aims to evaluate the current system management model. The evaluation should identify different needs, requirements and further development of the current model so that it becomes appropriate for different areas at KI. The assignment includes screening, analyzing and proposing how management can be streamlined and create synergies within the organization.

The project results must ensure the quality of the model in its entirety and provide support that KI needs, they must be cost-effective, provide high operational value and promote digitization and innovation.

Steering group: Administrative manager Tomas Högberg, IT director Joakim Winter, development manager Fredrik von Feilitzen and IT chief of staff Caroline Karlsson.

The project is related to the programme “Harmonized professional services” and Strategy 2030.

Project manager at KI: Jennifer Baral

Network upgrades on both KI campuses

The ITO is modernising KI’s network infrastructure by installing a new network on the Solna and Flemingsberg campuses that will enable the prompt and effective management of large data volumes (e.g. research data). This will not only enhance performance but also improve security and protection against hacking. The new network will be gradually phased in on both campuses.

Project Manager: Susanne Magnusson.