Ongoing projects at the IT Office

Coordinated IT operations, Windows 10 as well as the networks are some of the major projects the IT Office is working with.

Coordinated IT operations

The Coordinated IT operations project will introduce sweeping changes to central IT management at KI in order to give more active support to its core businesses by offering simpler IT operations and IT environmental stability. The deliveries are basic infrastructural services (storage, client management, network, etc.).

More about Coordinated IT Operations

Windows 10

All computers that are managed by the IT Office and have the Windows operating system will need to be upgraded to Windows 10. In January 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7, which means that Microsoft is no longer releasing new security updates for Windows 7.

Project Manager: Michele Di Geronimo. Read more about the roll out of Windows 10.

Network upgrades on both KI campuses

The ITO is modernising KI’s network infrastructure by installing a new network on the Solna and Flemingsberg campuses that will enable the prompt and effective management of large data volumes (e.g. research data). This will not only enhance performance but also improve security and protection against hacking. The new network will be gradually phased in on both campuses.

Project Manager: Susanne Magnusson.

Integration platform

The KIIP integration platform is now in production and will support the integration of KI's systems and applications. Applications can range from Legacy On-Premise applications, IaaS and PaaS-based applications, to more and more SaaS-based solutions. Integrations should be possible between internal systems within KI and external partners.

Based on the different needs, different integration scenarios can be distinguished. An explicit goal in KI's integration strategy is to use Microsoft Azure components wherever possible. The many possibilities in Azure are an important part of KIIP's ability to achieve flexible integration between different types of systems.

Current approved integration technologies:

  • Api Service (https / rest)
  • Web Service (SOAP)
  • Azure Api Management
  • Azure Service Bus Service Relay
  • SFTP File Transfer
  • Service Bus Queues / Topics

The integration needs between systems can be divided into different scenarios depending on in which organizational unit the parties to integrate belong to, which party produces and consumes data, what information class data has and possible technologies.

Project Manager: Mats Andersson.