Online teaching due to covid-19

Tips for distance teaching and web based tools.

Distance teaching and learning
The Teaching and Learning unit at KI (UoL) are presenting links on their web page to resources and strategies to be used for distance teaching and learning. In their calendar you can also find drop-in workshops for the use of Zoom in your course.

Another tip for learning about and sharing experiences from distance teaching: On Facebook there is a group named Digital omställning i högre utbildning NU for this purpose. Most of the discussions concern the use of Zoom (Swedish is the main language).

Pedagogical inspiration for teachers
A couple of collected pedagogical tips:

There are also several interesting online resources where you might find inspiration. Here are a couple of examples:

Web based tools for course organisers

Digital examinations
In the current situation when all theoretical teaching must be carried out digitally, see information about digital examinations as well as the tools available for this (written with first and second cycle education in mind, but most of it applicable also for doctoral education).

Give your input regarding online teaching
Are you planning a course for the autumn of 2020 or spring 2021? If you have ideas about what you would need in order to be able to give your course online, please send us an email to no later than 13 May. Your input will be used as a basis for discussion about possible measures to be taken for e g competence development.