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Open Networked Learning

Open Networked Learning (ONL) is an open course, organised by the Unit for Teaching and learning (TL) at Karolinska Institutet, in collaboration with other higher education institutions nationally and internationally.

Would you like to

  • Learn about how you can create collaborative and flexible learning environments online?
  • Learn about using Problem Based Learning in an open setting?
  • Extend your professional network?
  • Try different digital tools and methods in a pedagogical context?
  • Get updated on research and trends in online learning?

If yes - here’s a course for you!

For more information please see the homepage where you can view the previous iterations (latest iteration is autumn 2019: ONL192).

The aim of the course

The aims of the course are to offer participants opportunities to explore and gain experience from collaborative, open online learning in order to understand the value, possibilities and challenges of using digital tools to support teaching and learning.

Target group and entry requirements

The course is available for employees at the Karolinska Institute and others (eg. county employees) who teach/supervise students at Karolinska Institutet.

Participation in the ONL course builds on having basic pedagogical knowledge. We therefore recommend to have studied the five week course “Teaching and learning in Higher Education” (“Grundläggande högskolepedagogik”) or equivalent prior to this course.

Course delivery and ways of working

KI offer its teachers to participate in the open course as a continuation course on pedagogy in higher education equivalent to two weeks of full-time studies, i.e. in total 80 hours. Thus you need to be prepared to allocate 6-8 hours per week for course-related work. The course constitutes qualifications in application for docentur at KI.

Learning activities will to a large extent be based on work in mixed PBL groups with 6-8 learners from different universities and contexts. Each group will have their own online working spaces and have one-two online meetings each week (decided within each group) as well as work in discussion forums and common files in between the meetings. In addition to PBL group work and the offered common course activities, you will also be writing an individual learning blog!

Spring 2020

The Open Networked Learning spring 2020 runs for about 11 weeks: the 24th of Februrary to the 15th of May, when the final blog reflection should be uploaded.

Mandatory face-to-face meeting

25th February 13.00-16.00, Campus Flemingsberg.

The rest of the course is online with some course common learning activities (like webinars) and there will be regular on-line meetings within the PBL groups (as decided within each group, in the registration we welcome your input for which meeting times that usually works for you so we can take that into consideration when assigning the groups).


Register here

Please attend by 4th of February at the latest.

Please note that the number of places are limited.