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Order flow cytometry instruments and accessories

KI has a framework agreement for Flow cytometry instruments with platform specific accessories, reagents, service, support, upgrades and updates.


For orders under 200 000 SEK, please check Flow Cytometry the map for which products you can order from which supplier.

Supplier Contact Email
AH diagnostics Helene Strandberg
Beckman Coulter AB Staffan Grenklo
Becton Dickinson AB Sara Johansson
Bio-Rad Laboratories AB Amanda Reiman
Life Technologies Europé BV, Nederländerna, filial Sverige Sofia Hollback

Merck Chemicals and Life Science AB Henrik Holm

Sony Europé Limited Mervi Reunanen
Sysmex Nordic ApS, filial Sverige

Lars-Åke Gisselson,
Jerker Rangström

Orders over 200 000 SEK

For orders over 200 000 SEK please contact us at the Procurement unit at

Delivery terms

  • The delivery term is DELIVERED DUTY PAID (DDP) on site according to INCOTERMS 2010.
  • For the Flow cytometry instrument/-s, costs of freight, documentation, start-up, testing, transport, insurance, cleanup and disposal of material from unpacking and installation are included in the price.
  • Handling costs up to 250 SEK (25 Euro) are allowed for controlled temperature transports or dangerous goods.
  • If the Supplier applies extra charge to small orders, KI will accept a maximum fee of 200 SEK (20 Euro) for orders below 2000 SEK (200 Euro).
  • Research at KI is carried out at several locations, and there is no central dock for goods delivery. Therefore, deliveries must be made to specific addresses stated by the Purchaser.
  • The ordered product/-s must always be delivered to the Purchaser or a person appointed by the Purchaser.
  • There must be a readable signature on the delivery note by the Purchaser or a person appointed by the Purchaser. If the delivery note lacks a readable signature, KI might refuse to pay the invoice from the Supplier.
  • For products with a limited shelf life, at least 75 % of the shelf life must remain at the time of delivery unless otherwise agreed upon with the Purchaser. If this requirement is not met, KI has the right to receive a replacement of the same product at the expense of the Supplier. The product’s specific activity at the time of delivery must be at least as high as its guaranteed specific activity.


In case you have further question please contact the procurement office at your department. You can also contact