Postal address: C1 Mikrobiologi, tumör- och cellbiologi, C1 MTC Henriques/Normark, 171 77 Stockholm



Marie-Stephanie aschtgen Research Specialist
Sarp Bamyaci postdoctoral researcher
Celine Rita Helena Baron Other
Erik Benson Affiliated to research
Helena Bergsten postdoctoral researcher
Karin Blomqvist Affiliated to research
John Boss bioinformatician
Maria Carlson administrative group manager
Eleni Chronopoulou teaching assistant
Andrea Del Valle postdoctoral researcher
Rebecca Dookie postdoctoral researcher
Hannes Eichner postdoctoral researcher
Jan-Ingmar Flock Affiliated to research
Genevieve Garriss Affiliated to research
Meztlli Gaytán postdoctoral researcher
Chris Hadjineophytou Affiliated to research
Pedro Henriques postdoctoral researcher
Birgitta Henriques Normark professor/senior physician
Karina Hentrich Affiliated to research
Max Heurgren research assistant
Noela Ido research assistant
Jens Karlsson postdoctoral researcher
Stefan Kreida postdoctoral researcher
Haipeng Li postdoctoral researcher
Edmund Loh principal researcher
Anshika Maheshwari PhD student
Sandra Muschiol Affiliated to research
Priyanka Nannapaneni bioinformatician
Anandi Narayana Moorthy postdoctoral researcher
Ana Rita Narciso Research Specialist
Staffan Normark professor
Anuj Pathak Affiliated to research
Alexandros Petropoulos PhD Student
Stephen Julien Pieterman PhD student
Reshma Ramachandran postdoctoral researcher
Francesco Righetti Research Specialist
Maria Samara research assistant
Vicky Sender Affiliated to research
Sigrún Thórsdóttir postdoctoral researcher
Georgios Sotiriou principal researcher
Vasiliki Tsikourkitoudi Research Specialist
Meri Uusi-Mäkelä postdoctoral researcher
Lieke van Dongen Other
Shengtao Yu PhD student
Yongbao Zhuang PhD student