Postal address: C1 Mikrobiologi, tumör- och cellbiologi, C1 MTC Westerberg, 171 77 Stockholm


Fredrik Baecklund Affiliated to research
Rhaissa Calixto Vieira Postdoctoral studies
Roberta D´Aulerio PhD student
Zhoujie Ding Affiliated to research
Pia Dosenovic assistant professor
Lia Goncalves Pinho Affiliated to research
Minghui He senior research specialist
Mirthe Henskens Other
Marton Keszei Affiliated to research
Nikolai Kouznetsov senior research specialist
Rafael Marques research assistant
Christian Oertlin postdoctoral researcher
Julien Record postdoctoral researcher
Mariana Oliveira PhD Student
Mezida Bedru Saeed Postdoctoral studies
Anton Sendel Affiliated to research
Jasper Taal Affiliated to research
Lisa Westerberg researcher