C2.Chemical Biology and Genome engineering.Gustavsson

Organisation: C2.Chemical Biology and Genome engineering

Postal address: C2 Medicinsk biokemi och biofysik, C2 Chemical Biology and Genome engineering Gustavsson, 171 77 Stockholm


Maria Adolfsson laboratory technician
Hanna Axelsson project manager
Flavio Ballante research specialist
Weiyingqi Cui research engineer
Mats Dahlberg database coordinator
Sara Diaz Moreno Affiliated to research
Anna-Lena Gustavsson researcher
Martin Haraldsson researcher
Annika Jenmalm Jensen researcher
Tobias Koolmeister research engineer
Francesco Massai research specialist
Elisabeth Olsson research engineer
Kun Qian research specialist
Åsa Slevin research engineer
Michaela Vallin project manager