Organisation: C8 Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Postal address: C8 Medicinsk epidemiologi och biostatistik, C8 MEB II, 171 77 Stockholm



Sharma Abhinav PhD student
Balazs Acs Affiliated to research
Therese Andersson lecturer senior
Joel Andersson
Kerrilyn Beckmann Affiliated to research
Rino Bellocco lecturer senior
Lars Björnebo PhD student
Mark Clements lecturer senior
Alessio Crippa postdoctoral researcher
Jeanette Danielsson education officer
Andrea Discacciati statistician
Martin Eklund lecturer senior
Alessandra Grotta Affiliated to research
Shuang Hao PhD student
Louise Hellqvist Affiliated to research
Tomi Häkkinen Consultant/externa personnel
Xiaoyi Ji research assistant
Andreas Karlsson Affiliated to research
Kimmo Kartasalo research assistant
Anna Lantz Affiliated to research
Kristina Leif educational administrator
Yuliya Leontyeva PhD student
Bojing Liu postdoctoral researcher
Nita Mulliqi PhD student
Riitta Möller lecturer/senior physician
Henrik Olsson
Thorgerdur Palsdottir postdoctoral researcher
Anna Plym Affiliated to research
Mattias Rantalainen lecturer senior
Nikolaos Skourlis PhD student
Markus Stenemo postdoctoral researcher
Elisavet Syriopoulou postdoctoral researcher
Nguyen Thuy Duong Tran Consultant/externa personnel
Emilio Ugalde Morales postdoctoral researcher
Annika Wallberg lecturer senior
Yinxi Wang PhD student
Philippe Weitz PhD student
Hari Vigneswaran Affiliated to research
Fredrik Wiklund lecturer senior
Weronika Wrzos-Kaminska research assistant