Organisation: K2 Department of Medicine, Solna

Postal address: K2 Medicin, Solna, K2 Klinisk medicin, 171 77 Stockholm



Björn Af Ugglas PhD Student
Bjarki Alexandersson PhD Student
Sven Almer Affiliated to research
Maria Amritzer PhD Student
Anna Andreasson Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Ann-Sofie Backman lecturer, adjunct
Lena Berg Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Bo Berglund Affiliated to research
Magnus Björkholm professor
Francesca Bresso Affiliated to research
Samuel Bruchfeld PhD Student
Maria Bruzelius
Xia Chuanyou PhD Student
Hans-Erik Claesson Affiliated to research
Xu Dawei researcher
Therese Djärv lecturer senior, adjunct
Katarina Göransson Affiliated to research
Charlotte Hedin Affiliated to research
Martin Holzmann adjunct professor
Rolf Hultcrantz professor
Malin Hultcrantz Affiliated to research
Charlotte Höög
Anna M Jansson Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Hans Johnsson Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Erik Kadesjö PhD Student
Natali Karandyzowska Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Sigurdur Kristinsson Affiliated to research
Laura Landucci PhD Student
Therese Liljebo PhD Student
Ulf Ludwigs Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Gustav Malmer PhD Student
Martin Måhl PhD Student
Mikael Nilsson PhD Student
Jacob Odeberg Affiliated to research
Joel Ohm PhD Student
Mantas Okas Affiliated to research
Eva Piscator PhD Student
Anna Ravn Landtblom PhD Student
Andreas Roos Affiliated to research
Susanne Rysz PhD Student
Frida Schain Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Anwar Siddiqui Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Jan Sjöberg Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Per Skoglund Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Philip Smith PhD Student
Klas Strååt Affiliated to research
Anne Sundblad researcher
Peter Thelin Schmidt lecturer senior, adjunct
Anna Thorén PhD Student
Sophie Walton Bernstedt PhD Student
Jonas Winqvist PhD Student
Yujiao Wu PhD student
Xiangling Xing PhD Student
Xiaotian Yuan Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Göran Örnung Affiliated to research
Jan Östergren Affiliated to research