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Postal address: H7 Medicin, Huddinge, H7 Administrativa kansliet, 171 77 Stockholm



Mikael Lehtihet Affiliated to research
Hans Hagglund Other
Stephan Rössner Other
Fedir Kiskin Affiliated to research
Rebecka Holmberg Affiliated to research
Victoria Keros Consultant/externa personnel
John Flanagan Other
Bakhtiar Hossain Affiliated to research
Lena Persson Other
Stefan Sjöberg Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Mirjana Poljakovic Other
Lars Björndahl Other
Gösta Gahrton Other
Christoffer Rahm Affiliated to research
Christer Sylven Affiliated to research
Susanna Eketjäll Consultant/externa personnel
Bo Freyschuss Affiliated to teaching/tutoring
Katarina Öberg Affiliated to research
Stefan Arver Affiliated to research
Anna Bogstedt Consultant/externa personnel
Daniela Spaeter Affiliated to research
Viveca Åberg Affiliated to research
Beroz Stenström Other
Sigbritt Werner Other
Therese Lind deputy head of administration
Christina Johansson HR manager
Yvonne Edlund educational administrator
Gulaid Ismail financial officer
Shamima Shah financial officer
Klas Karlsson head of administration
Anna Pavlovic HR officer
Karin Sendek educational administrator
Emma Karlsson communications officer
Ulrika Markne educational administrator
Mary Hyll educational administrator