Postal address: H7 Medicin, Huddinge, H7 Hematologi Höglund, 171 77 Stockholm



Demi Brownlie postdoctoral researcher
Wenqian Dong Affiliated to research
Roland Fiskesund assistant professor
Sophia Hald PhD student
Petter Höglund professor/senior physician
Suria Jahan postdoctoral researcher
Maaike Jongen postdoctoral researcher
Yang Liu Research Specialist
Thuy Luu Thanh Research Specialist
Nicole Marquardt senior research specialist
Stephan Meinke Research Specialist
Peter Norris Postdoctoral studies
Paul Ratcliffe clinical assistant
Jenny Rydén Affiliated to research
Laurent Schmied Affiliated to research
Luana Tomaipitinca postdoctoral researcher
Nicole Wild PhD student