Integrating BioNut with MedH

The activities of the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut) are to be integrated into the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) by June 2024. This page contains information about the change, especially for the employees affected.

The merger is the decision of the KI management, which has appointed a steering group to lead it with the assistance of an operative project group. The integration is scheduled to be completed at the end of June 2024. This English webpage will be continually updated with details and dates of important events and meetings as the project progresses. 

Upcoming meetings

Latest news and information

The integration is being implemented in project form

The aim of the project is to implement the practicalities of the integration by establishing BioNut’s activities as a division within MedH. The project also comprises risk and impact analyses, a plan of action and a plan for the regular systematic management of future risk assessments. 

The merge is expected to help strengthen the department’s activities in a sustainable way – financially, scientifically and educationally. Retaining and further strengthening basic research as part of the translational environment will develop research and education at Campus Flemingsberg, in particular at Neo.

Organisation of the project

As the formal client, the President has ultimate responsibility for the project and is its ultimate decision maker. The president has appointed a steering group led by a chairperson/operative client and a project manager who manages and coordinates all activities and functions within the project.

The steering group reports to the president and is led by Maria Eriksdotter, formerly Dean of KI South, in her capacity as the project’s operative client. 

Purpose: To support project clients and project manager. 

Remit: The steering group prioritises operations and activities of a general nature in the project. Its members can, for example, assist in maintaining contact with relevant individuals and feeding back on the project’s progress to their own organisations. The group’s remit also includes defining and making decisions on more major issues or choices facing the project. The regular decision-making and delegation rules apply, which means that decisions are to be prepared and handled in accordance with the university’s regular procedures. 

The steering group meets regularly, and the project manager is responsible for communicating decisions and other information to the project group for further consideration. 

Steering group members: 

  • Maria Eriksdotter, former Dean of KI South
  • Agneta Wallin Levinovitz, project manager
  • Petter Höglund, head of MedH
  • Janne Johansson, head of BioNut
  • Jonas Fuxe, head of LabMed and representative of KI South
  • András Simon, head of CMB and representative of KI Solna
  • Marie Wahren-Herlenius, head of MedS and representative of KI North
  • Eva Tegelberg, director of finance at KI 

Reference persons with specific competence can be coopted to the steering group when needed. 

Led by Agneta Wallin Levinovitz, who reports to the steering group. 

Purpose: To plan and implement the operative winding down of BioNut and prepare the effective integration of its activities in MedH. 

Remit: The project manager’s remit is to control, lead and coordinate all activities and functions in the project and make sure that the project delivers in accordance with the project plan.

The members of the project group have collective responsibility for the total results of the project. They report to the project manager in carrying out agreed and planned project tasks supported by task force groups in the fields of finance, HR, communication, systems and first, second and third-cycle education.

The project group meets every other week. It is the project manager’s responsibility to report to the steering group, and the project group’s members report back to their respective task force groups.


  • Agneta Wallin Levinovitz, project manager
  • Klas Karlsson, head of administration, MedH
  • Thomas Tinglöv, head of administration, BioNut
  • Cecilia Modig, Finance Office
  • Åsa Nandorf, Education Support Office
  • Jenny Wärnlund, HR Office
  • Fredrik Strålind, IT Office
  • Matilda Pearson, Communications and Public Relations Office

The task force groups are led by a representative of the project group and meet as needed. 

Remit: The members of the task force groups are experts in their respective fields and contribute knowledge from their departments and activities, including the administration. The task force groups report to the project manager. 

The finance group is led by Cecilia Modig (Finance Office) and includes Thomas Tinglöv (BioNut), Klas Karlsson (MedH), Johanna Sandelius (MedH), Elin Leandersson (BioNut), Charlotta Kubu (Finance Office) and Ilona Hedin (Finance Office).

The HR group is led by Jenny Wärnlund (HR Office) and includes Thomas Tinglöv (BioNut), Klas Karlsson (MedH), Annamaj Stolt (MedH) and Karin Gåse (BioNut).

The communication group is led by Matilda Pearson (Communications and Public Relations Office) and includes Sara Bruce (BioNut) and Karin Vikström (MedH).

The system group is led by Fredrik Strålind (IT Office) and includes Thomas Tinglöv (BioNut), Klas Karlsson (MedH), Johanna Sandelius (MedH) and Annamaj Stolt (MedH).

The task force group for higher education is led by Åsa Nandorf (head of Education Support Office) and includes Agneta Månsson-Broberg (MedH), Magdalena Rosell (BioNut), Peter Swoboda (BioNut), Jurga Laurencikiene (MedH), Rachel Fisher (programme director for the Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine), Erik Pettersson (MedH), Sara Bruce (BioNut), Lena Atterwall (Faculty Office & International Relations) and Mathias Pettersson (Education Support Office).

The task force group for doctoral education is led by Åsa Nandorf (head of Education Support Office) and includes Mattias Svensson (MedH) and Peter Swoboda (BioNut), Monica Ahlberg (BioNut), Lena Atterwall (Faculty Office & International Relations) and Mathias Pettersson (Education Support Office).

The strategic task force group for research is led by Petter Höglund, head of MedH and Janne Johansson, head of BioNut.

Additional task force groups and members might be appointed. 

There will be regular consultations with the unions at different levels during and after the integration in order to maintain an open, trusting dialogue about the departments' activities that will enhance internal anchoring, influence and participation. 

  • At a local level, there will be regular union engagement in the project, in which employees of each department participate, and in the regular work between employees and their line managers.
  • There will also be interaction within the project at both BioNut and MedH during monthly meetings at which workplace representatives meet their respective management.
  • At a central level, engagement on the project is a permanent feature of interagency cooperation, where central union representatives meet the university management on a fortnightly basis.

The project manager participates in both the departmental cooperation meetings and the interagency cooperation.

It is the responsibility of the union organisations to communicate with their members. 

The integration will be preceded by a risk and impact analysis with among others KI South’s chief safety representative and involving local safety and workplace representatives from both departments. Read more about the systematic work environment management at KI.

Important dates 

2023-09-14  The President’s policy decision on winding down BioNut and integrating its activities with MedH

2023-11-07  Project ordered and passed from President to project steering group

2023-11-27  Risk and impact analysis 

2024-02-01  Retreat for group leaders and team leaders at MedH and BioNut

March 2024 Update of IT systems begins

2024-04-01  Updates in Primula published

2024-04-14  Updates in UBW published

April 2024    Migration of research groups in IT systems begins

April 2024    BioNut and MedH's admin teams move in together in Neo floor 8

2024-05-15  Preliminary integration

2023-06-30  Integration complete; final project report delivered

This list will be kept regularly updated. 


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Maria Eriksdotter

Former dean of KI South and chair of the steering group