KI South Infrastructure Council

The KI South Infrastructure Council was appointed by Dean KI South in April 2019 to get support with designing a strategy for infrastructure at KI South, coordinating and co-utilizing infrastructure and map/review existing older machinery. Infrastructure available at KI South is now published and the aim is to keep it updated with your help.

The KI South Infrastructure webpages are regularly updated with help of responsible persons. If you have information to update, please contact your department representative in the KI South Infrastructure Council.

The origin members of the group that compiled the overview of infrastructure available for sharing was:

Lennart Nilsson (BioNut) – chair, Marie Franzén (coordinator Dean KI South) - secretary, Lars Frelin (LabMed), Cecilia Götherström (CLINTEC), Eva Hellström Lindberg (MedH), Jan Johansson (NVS), Lena Nilsson-Wikmar (UoL), Cesare Patrone/Fuad Bahram (KI SÖS), Rachael Sugars (DentMed).

Jan Johansson was replaced by Erik Hjort (NVS) from March-2021. The group has no regular meetings, awaiting the RIMS-system.

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Lennart Nilsson

Chair of KI South Infrastructure Council
Content reviewer:
Marie Franzen