KI South other equipment/resources

Equipment and resources at KI South campus that could not be divided into any specific group

This is a list of equipment and facilities for research and education available at KI South.

Always get in touch with the contact person for an instrument or facility that you are interested in before attempting to use it.

Some instruments are for common use, others belong to a research group (private) but may be available for use at the owner’s discretion. It is generally required that you receive an introduction to any instrument before it is used. There may also be costs associated with the use of an instrument or facility.


Linux computing cluster, with 20 GPUs (common)
Neo, on-line access

Lennart Nilsson, BioNut


Support to conceptualize, develop, test and implement eHealth tool or intervention (Core Facility)
More information at eHealth Core Facility


National E-infrastructure for Aging Research (NEAR)

NEAR offers a unique possibility to combine data from various population based studies on aging and provide services like data identification, retrospective harmonization and statistical support

Linnéa Sjöberg, NVS - see also contacts


Bruker Avance DRX 400 (private)

Roger Strömberg, BioNut

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