KI South research

The KI South database started as an inventory developed by “arbetsgruppen för forskning vid KI Syd” to facilitate research through collaboration. A searchable database was developed where mainly group leaders at the KI South departments are listed with a short description of their research and methodologies.

The KI South database (Excel) is a continuously changing document regularly updated. The research is indexed according to the Statistics Sweden (Statistikmyndigheten) No:s for Medical research (the same as the Swedish Research Council uses for their applications). Only exception we do not separate Clinical/Basic Research in this index which you can find attached below.

You can sort or search the database as you wish.

If you like to add/change/remove your research information, please contact the communication officer at your department.

The original work group KI South research consisted of Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren (chair) and representatives from the seven departments at KI South, origin members: Martin Bergö (BioNut), Malin Ernberg (DentMed), Thomas Gustafsson (LabMed), Eva Hellström-Lindberg (MedH), Janne Johansson (NVS), Cesare Patrone (KI SÖS), Olav Rooyackers (CLINTEC), and Eckardt Treuter (BioNut). The Dean KI South coordinator Marie Franzén assisted the group.

Due to increased workload in connection with the pandemic, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren chosed to resign and Urban Lendahl took on the assignment as chair of the group in May 2020. Janne Johansson left the group when he became head of BioNut in September 2020 and was replaced by Agneta Nordberg. All the other members took part in the work, and all seven departments were thus always represented during the group's work.

Database and list of index

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