FIELD program

Application is now closed. This program runs from October 2024 to May 2025.


  • Program period: October 2024 - May 2025
  • You are expected to attend all meetings, at Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg
  • Mentor groups will schedule own meetings


  • October 16-17 2024, Retreat at Vår Gård
  • November 19 2024, KI Solna - Gender and organisation
  • December 12 2024, KI Flemingsberg - Work environment and gender equality


  • January 23 2025, KI Solna - Academic citizenship and housekeeping
  • February 17 2025, KI Flemingsberg - Career trajectories
  • March 13 2025, KI Solna - Gender equal meriting
  • April 10 2025, KI Flemingsberg - Leadership and change
  • May 16 2025, KI Solna - Final meeting with KI management

Retreat: 08.30 day 1 - 16.00 day 2 
Seminars (November – April): 08.30-11.30 with lunch to go
Final meeting: 8.30-15.00 with lunch

Mentors are expected to attend the following meetings:

  • October 17 2024, 12.00-16.00 at Vår Gård
  • February 17 2025, 08.30-11.30 with lunch to go, KI Flemingsberg 
  • May 16 2025, 08.30-15.00 with lunch, final meeting with KI management, KI Solna 
  • Own mentor group meetings

Program responsible and contact

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Mia Von Knorring

FIELD program responsible
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Kristina Palm

Principal Researcher

You can be part of the program if you have:  

  • had a doctoral degree for at least 2 years but do not have an employment as senior lecturer or professor at KI or elsewhere, nor position as associate professor outside KI
  • an employment at KI or are adjunct to research and/or education at KI through employment of at least 20%   

What you gain:

  • A unique possibility to build strong networks with the participating fellows and mentors
  • Science-based knowledge related to gender equal career opportunities and possibilities to relate own experiences with the different topics covered during seminars with leading researchers from different universities
  • Support and possibility for reflection in smaller mentoring groups about career opportunities
  • Deepened knowledge on a topic of choice through small assignment in groups that will contribute to strengthening gender equal meriting opportunities at KI