Responsible consumption and production

To make sustainable choices regarding consumption is important in contributing to a more sustainable development.

Global goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production
  • Consider the need of purchase. Every product has required use of energy and natural resources.
  • Use items made from sustainable materials (recycled content, sustainably produced, biobased, compostable).
  • Avoid single use items.Choose reusable and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Share, borrow or rent equipment.
  • Choose environmentally certified products, such as Svanen, Bra Miljöval, EU-blomman, GOTS, Fairtrade.
  • Consider the need for giveaways.
  • Choose items that facilitate your event's sustainable goals, such as a reusable water bottle to encourage the use of tap water.
  • Choose items that are useful, reusable, durable, or have educational value -items that will be used long after the event is over.
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