Sustainable events: Communication

Communicate your commitment to sustainability. Use digital planning tools, such as 365 Planner, to create an effective and collaborative workflow in the planning of the event. 

Clarify the connection to the Sustainable Development Goals  in each part of the event planning.

Use the SDG logos in your communication strategy  Read more about the guidelines for using UN communication materials.

Before the event

  • Inform the interest groups, staff, exhibitors and audience about your commitment to sustainability.
  • Communicate by action - by choosing a sustainable menu, refraining from single use products, streaming the event.
  • Choose digital communication for invitation, registration, marketing and evaluation.
  • Refrain from single use products and communication materials, e g flyers and printed posters. Use digital screens.

Every product has an environmental impact: energy, resources and water are used, and waste, pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions are created. 

  • Buy items that can be reused every year or at other events.
  • Purchase items made from recycled content.
  • If needed, choose environmentally certified and FairTrade products. Choose environmentally friendly print (water based, free from phtalates and AZO-dyes).

For more information about conference apps, digital posters etc, please contact Academic Conferences or Communications and Public Relations Office at KI. 

During the event

  • Inform the audience about your sustainability commitment
  • Expose environmental certifications or calculations for the menu
  • Expose the SDGs in different channels.
  • Stream and/or record seminars and workshops. NB Remember to ask for approval and follow GDPR.
  • Create engagement by using social media activities.
  • Increase awareness about waste management and zero waste: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Use clear signs at the recycling locations.

SDG cubes are available at Aula Medica or at the KI Library at Campus Flemingsberg

After the event

  • Spread the word about your sustainable event planning efforts on social media or through other communications channels.
  • Evaluate the event. Use an online system.
  • Evaluate the checklist. Which parts were useful? What can be improved for next time?
  • Share the checklist & guide. Spread the word, to help others arrange a sustainable event.
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