Sustainable events - Good health and wellbeing

As an event planner you may to lead the way when it comes to sustainability. There are plenty of choices and changes you can make to improve the sustainability of your event.

Global goal no.3, Agenda 2030

Meeting and conferences often involves long periods of sitting. To prevent this, incorporate physical activity in the agenda. For smaller meetings you may organize a meeting in a moving format, such as a "walk and talk"-meeting.

Consider allowing enough time during lunch break for people to be physically active and to refocus the mind – for instance, by going for a short run or a refreshing walk.

Include suggestions for walks and other opportunities for physical activity in the programme.

Consider the impact of social activities in a sustainability perspective in accordance with the sustainability-oriented event. Consider the participants needs and preferences.

Choose activities with a low environmental impact. Use the outdoor and nature for social activities. Exposure to nature can benefit health and mental wellbeing.

Encourage active transportation to the event.

Incorporate active breaks in the event program, every 30 minutes, to break prolonged sitting.

Provide healthy and sustainable snacks.

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