Sustainable events- travel and transportation

Travel and transportation to events have a large impact on CO2 emissions.

Select your event location with transportation in mind. Take into account sustainable travel options when deciding the start-time of the event.

  • Provide information about sustainable travel options
  • Encourage sustainable transportation such as walking, biking and public transportation
  • Arrange travel-free meetings

Travel free meetings

KI works according to the project REMM (Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies) coordinated by the Swedish transport administration to increase digital meetings. By substituting business travel by the use of virtual meetings may reduce environmental impact and contribute to the Swedish Environmental Objectives. It may also lower the costs, save time and increase accessibility.

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Active transportation

According to WHO action plan on physical activity, there are multiple benefits from increasing levels of physical activity through e g walking and cycling that contribute to the 2030 Agenda. Active transportation promotes physical activity, which prevent noncommunicable diseases as well as reduces the use of fossil fuels.

  • Select a location that is within easy reach, particularly considering walking and biking.
  • Provide information about bike routes and bike rental places.
  • In all communications and actions, encourage people to walk or cycle.

Public transportation

Select event venue and accommodation that is within easy reach considering public transportation. Instruct the visitors to use public transport by offering maps and schedules, for example SL planner.

Local trips at KI and between campuses

All business travel must primarily be conducted using public transport. Within the city of Stockholm and the surrounding area, public transport must be used unless there is a special reason not to do so. For travel between Solna and Flemingsberg, the KI bus is to be used when the timetable is appropriate.

Domestic trips

In as far as is possible, domestic travel within Sweden shall be conducted by train instead of by air. Special justification must be provided for each domestic flight taken.

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Transportation of materials

There are many ways to minimize the environmental effects of the transportation of materials.

  • Avoid unnecessary driving to and from the event.
  • Use new transportation vehicles with renewable transportation fuels.
  • Plan all deliveries carefully and avoid single runs by combining various tasks for one route.
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