Videoconference Camera in ANA Futura

A video conference camera is available for staff in ANA Futura.

Routine for booking

  1. Book the camera in Outlook calendar: ANA Futura Conference Camera. We recommend to book the camera at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
  2. The camera is stored with the service team, in the reception on the 7th floor. You need to sign before you can retrieve the camera.
  3. The camera must be returned to the reception on the 7th floor after the meeting has ended. Once again, you need to sign when returning the camera.
Photo of Videoconference camera in ANA Futura

Microsoft Teams or Zoom

Microsoft Teams or Zoom is recommended for video conferences.


Send a link to a video conference via an Outlook invitation

It is very simple to send a link to a video conference in Teams if you create an Outlook invitation.

  • Choose ”New meeting
  • "Fill in headline, date, time and participants
  • Click ”Teams meeting” button in the menu
  • An automatic link is created which the meeting participants can click on and immediately join the meeting.
  • Click the ”Send” button

To make above work for zoom you need to create an account here: Then click "Add Zoom Meeting" in your outlook invitation and login (if necessary).

Service team ANA Futura

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