Labmed’s redeployment of localities within ANA Futura

Autumn 2023, the Division of Biomolecular & Cellular Medicine (BCM) moved into ANA Futura. For this to be possible, a relocation and condensation of Labmed in ANA Futura's premises was required. On this page you can read more about plans and implementation of the relocation process.

The moves are completed!

The ANA Futura premises are now being adapted (January-May 2024).

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The goal of the relocation process is to achieve more efficient use of the premises, create better synergies between the groups and to create a more active and vibrant research environment.It is positive for Labmed that more people at the department can gather in the same building and we are also bringing in additional research groups with new skills in ANA Futura.

Robert Månsson and Sophia Godau are appointed coordinators for the project and report to Head of Department Jonas Fuxe.


View a preliminary timeplan for the project.

Plans ahead


  • Adjustments in the house and common areas. 
  • Evaluation of projects. 
  • Actions based on the risk and impact analysis. 
  • Social activities for the integration of the new groups. 
  • Development of common booking systems and routines.

Continue to contact the coordinators for requests or problems.

This has happened so far


  • Meetings with the groups moving in. 
  • Meetings with divisions and PI:s already in ANA Futura.
  • Meetings with service team and biosafety officer.
  • Information about the project was posted on the Labmed internal webpage.


  • Meetings Labmed management group. 
  • Information gathering and measurements of usage.
  • Labmed Mingle I 2023-06-15.

July and August:

  • Introduction package in the making.
  • Preliminary plan/suggestion. 
  • Labmed Mingle II 2023-08-17.
  • AC and Head of Department meet the Working Environment Group.
  • Labmed Collaboration Council meeting with local site representatives.


  • Decision meeting with Labmed's Management Team.
  • Detailed planning of densification and relocation as well as timings established. The respective division meet with Robert and Sophia.
  • Risk assessments.


  • The detailed planning continues. See timeline above.


  • New groups moving in.

Buy, sell or rent laborative equipment in connection with the move

If you want to buy, sell or rent lab equipment in connection with the move, you can post your own ads or search for others on the page called "Buy and sell lab and office equipment".

Project coordinators

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Sophia Godau

Biomedical Scientist

Head of Department

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Jonas Fuxe

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