Neo service during summer

Neo Service team

The Neo service team will be manned all summer, but with reduced staffing.

Packet services and delivery will be handled normally. Dishwashing and autoclaving will be run with reduced frequency during some weeks in July. More info posted at pickup points. Access cards will be handled by KI’s safety and security unit during weeks 27-32.

Freezer facility

Monitoring of the freezer facility by security guards will be increased to four times a day also for floor 6 and 7 during July.

Major alarm

During office hours

Contact the service team on floor 8 in person.

During nights, weekends etc.

Call the service team’s on-duty phone: 070-215 82 91

Other useful contacts

Hemsö jour: 0771-777 111

KI security guard: 070-600 77 48

Individual freezer alarms

Contact the owners of the freezer content using the contact information printed on the freezer.