Operational plan for the Finance Office

This is the operational plan for the Finance Office 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The Finance Office (FO) has responsibility for the entirety of KI’s financial administration and for preparing the financial reports for internal and external bodies. The office provides strategic and operational support to the core activities in the financial field and is in charge of purchases and the coordination of procurement activities. It also monitors the market and mediates changes within its purview and instructs different parts of the organisation on financial matters.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 
  • To help the university reduce the increase in administrative (government-provided) capital.
  • Skills supply.
  • To coordinate financial/control resources within PS.
  • To follow up purchases and procurements in the Operation Performance System.
  • To support the integration of BioNut with MedH.
  • The migration of UBW from on prem to the cloud
  • Change of the case administration system
  • The project to improve coordination with the healthcare services

KI’s financial administration and procurement



  • Financial services
  • Procurements
  • Accounting & controlling
  • SEK 53,811,000

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