Operational plan for the Legal Office

This is the operational plan for the Legal Office 2024.

Remit and responsibilities

The remit of the Legal Office (LO) is to ensure the quality of the administrative processes and research and other contracts from a legal perspective and to have overall responsibility for KI’s steering documents. The office is also in charge of the KI registry and archive and supports and coordinates KI’s data security. The office houses KI’s Data Protection Officer and administrates disciplinary matters, the expulsion of students and the withdrawal of doctoral resources.

  • The contractual process – research-related contracts.
  • The introduction of digital archives. 
  • To develop the data security management system (direct, lead, support and follow up).
  • Improved dialogue with the core activities.
  • Hosting the spring 2024 law practitioners’ conference.
  • Digital archives
  • Registration
  • Archiving
  • Contract law
  • Contract templates
  • Principle of Public Access
  • Disciplinary matters (first and second cycle students)
  • Expulsions (first and second cycle students)
  • Withdrawal of resources (doctoral students)
  • Departures from accepted research practice
  • Steering documents
  • Referrals
  • Supervisory matters
  • Disputes and other legal hearings
  • Data security
  • Secure data collection and processing 
  • Registration of personal data processing activities
  • W3D3
  • Visual Arkiv
  • RODA (digital archive)


  • Legal Unit
  • Archive and Registry Unit

SEK 33,611,000