Project: Review of adminstrative organisation and procedures

Coordinated and optimised administration (F) is one of KI's strategic focus areas. One of the assignments in this area is to review the adminstrative organisation and procedures.

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The assignment runs as a project over 2024-2025. On this page you can find information about the objective and purpose of the project, project organisation and timetable for the project. The Swedish version of this page includes more information on background, input values, and updates on the sub-projects included in the review.

Objective of the review

The goal of the review is to develop a more effective coordination of KI's operational services to meet increased demands and rapid changes in a complex environment and contribute to a stronger sense of community throughout KI.

Purpose of the review

The complexity of the world and the demands around us are increasing and KI's operational services need to join forces for the future.

All parts of the operational services are affected by a changing world where developments are taking place at a rapid pace, especially in geopolitics and security. Both regulations and risks increase the requirements for reporting to other authorities and external actors. KI's operational services need to join forces to meet these requirements and challenges with the help of effective coordination and specialised competence in different areas.

The basic mission of operational support

Regardless of how KI's operational support is organised, the basic mission consists of three parts:

  1. Support for the core activities of education and research
  2. Supporting management at different levels
  3. Ensuring the mission of KI as a public authority.

Project organisation

Additional competences will be brought in as needed in the different sub-projects. 

Timetable for the different parts of the project

Tidplan för projektets olika delar och vad de kortfattat handlar om
Q2-Q4 2024 Sub-project I: Review of the organisation of KI:s Professional Services (PS)
Q3 2024-Q4 2025  Sub-project II: Coordinated support functions at department group level.
Q4 2024-Q4 2025  Subproject III: Simple model for planning, prioritising, monitoring and developing the overall operational services.
Further sub-projects may be added and defined in the course of the work.

Contact the project group

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Tomas Högberg

Head of Administration
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Maria Watter

Operations Director
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Matilda Pearson

Communications Officer