Harmonized professional services

The “Harmonized professional services” programme aims to harmonize and optimize the support services provided to researchers, lecturers, students and management functions at KI.

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The overall objective of the programme is to achieve effective and professional services based on the needs of KI’s core business and management. Three key principles are:

  • Harmonized: Professional services are harmonized and effectively organized across KI’s functions, professional services and institutions. A shared idea and common goals underpin strong collaboration between stakeholders.
  • Insight: The range and delivery of professional services are based on users’ needs and tailored to KI’s heterogeneous organization.
  • Optimised: Clear objectives, cost-transparency and prioritisation ensure that professional services create the greatest value, given the resources allocated, for the individual teacher, researcher and student. Professional services provide an attractive workplace where employees are engaged and able to take responsibility and develop.

Final words from the programme management

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Plan and organisation

The programme has a phased implementation with different focus areas during different periods. The work is primarily employee driven and performed in cross-functional teams with representation from the different stakeholders. At present, the project plans to run until June 2021.


For KI to achieve it overarching objectives it needs professional support services that create the greatest possible value for the individual lecturer, researcher, student and manager. In early spring 2019, KI started its first comprehensive review since 1993 of its professional support services. KI’s professional support services encompass functions and processes at all levels of the organization, including HR, finance, communications, education, student support, researcher support, facilities, security, IT, legal, archive/registry and management support. Since 1993, KI, the sector and world at large have changed dramatically, and KI needs to adapt the range, delivery and organisation of its professional services.


The programme is owned by Katarina Bjelke and managed by Ulrica Lundin.

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Ulrica Lundin

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