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Payment of CSTP funds

CSTP funds are a framework for part-financing (supplement to salary) of PhD students at KI. Payments are made to the relevant institution. The maximum amount is four years.

CSTP allocation

From 1 July 2016, the educational contribution (UBB) disappears as a form of supply. This affects the level of the CSTP framework estimate. As of January 2016, two different amount levels will be the basis for payments throughout the PhD student:

  • An amount calculated according to the old principle (one year of UBB and three years of doctoral student employment) to those who start education at the research level by December 2015. The annual amount according to this principle amounts to 317,000 SEK in 2019.
  • An amount calculated according to the new principle (four years doctoral student appointment) to those who start education at the research level, etc. January 2016. This amount assumes that the PhD student is not provided with UBB but is employed from day 1 (also during VT 2016). The annual amount according to this new principle amounts to SEK 344,000 in 2019.

Prerequisite for payment

Decisions on the allocation of CSTP funds are decided by the Board of Doctoral Education. Decisions are valid on condition that:

  • The person to be appointed is admitted to postgraduate studies at KI, with a doctorate as a goal, within one year after the award decision has been announced.
  • Postgraduate education is planned according to the submitted application and complies with current regulations for research education at KI

Payment of CSTP funds

The payment of CSTP funds for year 1 is made against requisition while the remaining year's payments (years 2-4) are lifted into the regular resource allocation and, automatically, are paid in twelfths.

The first annual amount will be paid after the graduation certificate has been sent to the responsible CSTP funding manager (see Contact on the right).

For payment of the first year - observe the rule around the so-called break point:

  • For requisitions received from the responsible administrator during the period 1 January - 30 June, via transfer assignment to institution, a full-year amount for the current calendar year will be paid.
  • For requisitions received during the period 1 July to 31 December, no payment will be made in the current year without funds being paid by ordinary resource allocation in the next calendar year.

Payment requirements Years 2 to 4

Checks on the progress of the PhD students are carried out by the University Administration

  • Prior to the payment of year two, it is checked that the student is still registered.
  • In order for the third payment to be completed, the half-time check has been reported in LADOK and that the medical, dental or psychologist exam has been completed. Registry exams from LADOK on half-time examinations (alternatively Licentiate Degree Certificate) and Copy of Diploma must be submitted to CSTP supervisor.
    NOTE! In order for the third payment to be carried out in the next calendar year, the half-time check is required in LADOK and that a copy of the diploma has been submitted as above by 15 December.
  • Prior to the payment of the fourth and last year's amount, it is checked that the PhD student is still registered and has not been dismissed. In normal cases, remaining funds may be used up to six months after the dissertation.

NOTE! In cases where the PhD student dispenses within a period of less than four years, or for some reason completes his/her research studies, the principal supervisor is obliged to notify this to the CSTP-officer and to the CSTP steering group as soon as possible.

Allocation of other faculty funds

A main applicant who also seeks and assigns a similar funding support for the project via, for example, The Research School in Health Sciences (FIV), KID (KI Delfinansiering) or the like, may not receive two such funding support for the same project but must choose the source of funding.

For questions regarding payments, please contact: Controllers at the Faculty Office and External Relations.

How to fill in the form

Form for requistion of funding:

The upper part of the form is filled in by staff at the department.

  • Requisition refers to: Choose the PhD student within the CSTP and then the institution
  • Means Required for: Enter the name of the principal supervisor who has been awarded funds and the doctoral student who have been admitted to the postgraduate/CSTP project, and the announcement's diary number, ie. notice period when CSTP funds were granted.
  • Project: Enter the project the funds will be paid to.
  • Verification text: Write institutional title, name of principal supervisor and the doctoral student and CSTP funds (eg C1, Lisa Nilsson, Sven Karlsson, CSTP funds).
  • Institution reference: This is the name of the responsible person at the department.

The lower part of the form is filled in by the responsible administrator at the University Administration.

The application form should be sent by e-mail to the responsible administrator at the University Administration.


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